Frequently Asked Questions

There is no recommended upper limit on the amount of cardio exercise you should do on a daily or weekly basis. However, if you push yourself hard with every workout, then
skipping a day or two each week to rest may help you avoid injury and burnout.

No my speciality does not lie in these areas.

Absolutely. Your plan will be tailored to your food preferences & dietary requirements. You will not be expected to eat anything you dislike.

Full meal plan, meal by meal unless the client specifically requests to macro track instead.

This is dependent on the individual. Some clients workout 4 times per week, whilst others 6&7.

Yes, I work with clients worldwide.

Between 4-6 days from receiving your completed client registration. This will vary dependant on work load. For pdf workout plans and recipes at same time

This option is suitable for clients who want to lose a large amount of weight and competitive clients who would like to work with a coach during offseason. Yearly will run 1 year
from the date started.

Not at present. Payment is required upfront in

Yes you can find them in the website

Yes weekly cheat meals are included for lifestyle clients. For competitive clients cheatmeals/refeeds are utilised only when necessary.

Clients will have both email , WhatsApp support and zoom calls when needed.

Coaching will be paused, and resume again once you return.

What you want to do